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In this training you are going to see directly over my shoulders not only how I setup one of the blog funnels. You are going to see it in live from start to finish and making profits.

This is the over the shoulders on how I do every from:

  • Find your profitable niche
  • Setup everything to host your blog funnel
  • Find the plugins you must have
  • Get the theme to look as a authority site
  • The keys to create content to attract
  • Move your leads into the buyers process
  • Create the offers that put money in your bank
  • Create email sequence for each step
  • Tracking the funnel to grow

You are going to follow step by step on the checklist and get your blog funnel ready to generating visitor actually making sales.

You are not only discovering that, you will see what tools I’m using to build it.

This is the most in deep training I ever put together.

Once I setup a blog funnel I will be able to walk away and make profits.

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The Blog Funnel Advance Training - DS